Cities where all zones have been taken

The list contains all cities where the user has taken all zones.
'New zones' is the the date when new zones were created after all zones had been taken.
If 'Took all' is 'Unknown', the date when all were taken is not saved.
Unknown is before 2017-01-01 or before the user was added to my site.
It is only cities that were 100% taken 2017-11-01 or have been taken after that, that can be shown.
CountryRegionCityAll takenNew zonesZones

Zones per type

The list shows zone takes zon type

Zones per country

The list shows zone takes in official turf countries

Zones per country

The list show zone takes in other turf countries

Zones per region

The list shows zone takes in all visited regions


The list contains all FTTs (First To Take) after 2017-01-01 and some before that as well.
FTTs are counted even if you assisted.
Note, that in some cases a FTT has been registred even though you weren't first, so don't rely on the list completely.
Zones with an (A) after the name are zones where you were first, but assisted the take.
ZoneTypeCityRegionCountryFTT-dateOnly owner
0 FTTs of which 0 as assist.