What is this?
This is a web site for showing zones in regions and cities. Zones you have taken are shown in green.

How do I make my takes to be shown on this site?
If you have registered (by sending your zones to me) you just enter your turf nick under Turfer:.
If you haven't sent your zones, here are intructions on how to do that:  Instructions.
When you are registrered all new unique zones will be added automatically, so you just need to send the zone list once.

What is a city map and how do I find it?
The city map only exists for Sweden and Denmark. To display it, you have to enter your turf nick and select country Sweden or Denmark. Then a link 'Show city map' will be shown.
The city map shows cities with a color gradient based on how big share of the zones you have taken. A city where you have taken 100% of the zones is yellow, orange are those you once had 100% but there are new zones since then. Then green in a declining order for 95%, 90%, 50% och 25%.

So, how do I do this?
First select a country or type to show, then a region or country depending on the first choice. For countries with cities you have to choose a city as well. You can choose all cities or a specific one.
After regions and cities you can see three numbers in parentheses. The first is the total number of zones, the second is how many you have taken and the third is your takes in percent of the total amount. If the row is yellow you have taken all zones, and orange if you have taken all zones but there are new ones now.

En Skånsk Klassiker
The turf club Turf Skåne has a competition. Read more about it on their site klassikersida (in Swedish).

Thanks to the turfer Wsnurr who has helped with cities for zones outside of Sweden.
Thanks to Filip (᛫ᛈᚨᛚᛏᚾ᛫) who has made the favicon.
Thanks to Leif (LeiLar) for helping me correct spelling mistakes.